Information & Communication Security (Winter 16/17 — 18/19)

The “Information and Communication Security” lecture series provide a general introduction to the topic of information and communication security. Students will be qualified to identify security challenges that come along with using and employing information and communication systems, and to identify and apply adequate means and methods to solve them. Emphasis will be put on the organizational and technical set-up of infrastructures, also including aspects of pragmatic and professional risk management, and profitability analysis of security concepts and technologies. Further, students will be qualified to identify and assess security risks, in order to develop and establish appropriate security strategies. Contents presented in the lecture will also be discussed in the context of international standardization and regulation activities in the domain of information and communication security, allowing students to consider long-term developments, trends, and challenges in their analysis.

Mobile Business I

(Winter 19/20)

The “Mobile Business” lecture series provide an introduction to technologies and economic principles defining these markets. Students will be qualified to identify success factors of mobile business models and to judge on possible application scenarios. Starting with the basics of mobile communication services, emphasis will be put on an analysis of the interaction between individuals and mobile devices/services. This includes an historic overview across the development of mobile communication infrastructures, services, and protocols. Based on this, students will be qualified to identify possibilities and limitations of mobile business applications and business models, in order to consider the resulting opportunities and challenges when deriving the success factors. Characteristic attributes of mobile services, especially in contrast to electronic services, will be outlined and considered in an analysis of the current market environment for mobile business applications.

Project Seminar on Privacy in Smartphone Ecosystems (Winter 16/17 — 17/18 — 19/20, Summer 17)

Smartphone apps provide utility to their users by providing personalized and context-sensitive services. To achieve this, smartphone platforms provide apps with access to a multiplicity of sensitive resources on the device, e.g., geo-location data, and user behavior information obtained from sensors. This capability, however, poses important risks in regard to users’ privacy, especially considering that apps do not provide an appropriate level of transparency related to sensitive-information processing. The objective of this project seminar is to perform an extensive analysis of the state-of-the-art in which different methodologies will be analyzed. Novel approaches will be investigated, and evaluated, specifically those emphasizing on understanding aspects such as context of app usage and purpose and functionality of apps when assessing their privacy properties.